CMCiB 3R Training Seminars

Organizer: CEEA-IGTP and CMCiB

Open to: Open to all researchers

Date: From to

Venue: CMCiB Training Room


The Comparative Medicine and Bioimage Centre (CMCiB) in conjunction with the Ethics Committee (CEEA) is organizing a series of training seminasr on pre-clinical research and in particular preparing and planning applications for scientific projects where animals are required for experimentation.  Topics will also include opening research to new techniques and the new animal models offered at the centre and to promote the 3R policy, a central objective of the CMCiB.

The seminars are educational and mainly practical, aimed at resolving doubts and increasing knowledge about many aspects of the preclinical research environment. 


Seminars will usually be on the first Thursday of each month at 15.00 in the CMCiB

Attendance and registration

The seminars are free to attend and open to all the campus and indeed any research personnel interested.  

Attendance is free but places are limited to 30 people per session.

You must sign up using the form available on the website entry for each session.  Forms are now open for all sessions, once they reach a maximum of 30 the session will be closed.


This course is registered with the Generalitat of Catalonia.  Sessions are valid as continuous training for researchers authorized to work with animals.  It is essential to register for the course, sign attendance and request a certificate.

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14 November 15.00
Determinación del tamaño muestral en estudios con animales
Victor Urrea, Investigador, IrsiCaixa

Thurs 13 December 15.00
Redacción de la Memorias descriptivas de proyectos de experimentación con animales y los procedimientos asociados. Criterios de supervisión y reconocimiento del dolor
Sara Capdevila, Directora Tècnica CMCiB


Thursday 10 January 15.00
Manejo y abordajes quirúrgicos del modelo porcino
Carol Gálvez, IGTP

Thursday 14 February 15.00
Positive impact of 3R focused GAA rodent breeding
Jorge Sztein

Thursday 7 March 15.00
Pez zebra como modelo alternativo
Javier Terriente, Zeclínic

Thursday 4 April 15.00
Anestesia y analgesia
Sandra Barbosa, UAB

Thursday 2 May 15.00
Drosophila como modelo alternativo
Pere Joan Cardona, IGTP

September tbc
Modelos Inmunodeficientes
Heleia Roca, IJC