Training workshop: Search of research partners in European Projects H2020

Organizer: Projects Office IGTP

Open to: Investigadors Campus Can Ruti


Venue: Aulari de la UAB (Campus Can Ruti)

International projects organizes a brief online workshop (20 people) (HUGTP-IGTP-IJC-ICO) at the UAB classroom of Can Ruti campus dedicated to search of European partners, information on the impact of the project, and writing an executive summary for the proposal.

The methodology will involve 3 practical cases that participants will have to solve:

  • Practical case of search of European Partners in the area of interest following the link (especial attention to search of sought research industrial partners)
  • Practical case of search of documents on impact of a project (economical impact, societal impact)
  • Practical case of short writing of executive summary of a proposal

Participants will have acces to one PC each one, and the duration will be less than 3 hours (8 November between 2017 16:00 -18:00).

Please contact international-projects(ELIMINAR) if you are interested in this workshop or  you cannot attend this day. Individual participants who have registered will be contacted directly