The cytometry platform organized various courses in cytometry every year.   One of these is a methodology course within the curriculum of the Master in Immunology of the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona (UAB) and the University of Barcelona.  Additionally there are two flow cytometry courses; advanced and basic level.   The advance course is of one week, the basic level of three days, both involve the fundamental aspects of flow cytometry and its applications and there are practical sessions.

  • The Cytometry UNIT also offers tailor-made courses or study visits to the unit.
  • Courses carried out
  • Postgraduate education and continual education in flow cytometry (UAB/UB) 1999-2013)
  • Advanced course in the fundamentals and applications of flow cytometry (UAB/UB) 1999-2013)
  • Basic course in Flow cytometry (2202-2009)