Cell Separators

The FACSAria II (BD Biociencias) cell separator.

Three lasers (405, 488 y 633 nm), 15 detectors (3 fluorescent and 2 light scattering. ACDU (Automated Cell Deposition Unit) for sorting different types of welled plates and slides. Options installed: aerosol evacuation system (AMO) and refrigerated bath temperature control. Software FACSDiva. Sorting >20.000 cells/sec.

Cell separator FACSVantage SE (BD Biosciences)

Dual Coherent Enterprise laser 488/357(UV) nm. Sorting 10,000 cells/sec. Five fluorescence parameters. Option of MacroSort for very large cells. ACDU (Automated Cell Deposition Unit) for sorting 96 well plates and slides.. FACStation Apple Macintosh with separation control program CellQuest.

Cell Separator AutoMACS (Miltenyi Biotec)

The autoMACS system permits automatic cell separation using paramagnetic beads attached to the cell surface with monoclonal antibodies. It can separate 4 x 109 cells in 5 minutes and carry out sequencial processes enriching the subpopulation up to 10,000 times.

Flow Cytometer Analysers

Flow Cytometer LSRFortessa SORP (BD Biociencias)

Equipped with solid state blue laser (488nm), red laser He-Ne (640 nm), violet laser (405 nm) and green laser (532 nm) this machine allows you to work with 18 fluoresences and 2 parameter s of scattering (FSC and SSC) analysing area, height and width of pulse for each one. Digital system processing system with software FACSDiva. HTS system for acquiring samples in 96 well plates.

Flow Cytometer FACSCanto II (BD Biociencias)

Solid state blue laser (488 nm), red He-Ne laser (633 nm) and violet laser (405 nm). This machine can work with eight fluorescences and two dispersion parameters (FSC and SSC) analysing the area, height and width of the pulse for each of them. The digital signal processing system has the FACSDiva software. This program permits off-line compensation and the configuration of biexponential scales.

Flow Cytometer FACSVerse (BD Biociencias)

Equipped with Solid state red He-Ne laser (633 nm) and violet laser (405 nm), this machine works with 10 parameters (FSC, SSC and 8 fluorescences). It has an automatic loader for tubes and plates. It includes volume computation and has FACSuite software.