Organization and Governance

Organization of the Biobank

The IGTP-HUGTP Biobanc is structured in sub-units or nodes according to the area of work. Currently it has two nodes:

  • The Central Node coordinates activities and stores fluid and tissue samples
  • The Tumour Node contains paired samples of tumour and non-tumour samples of several types of neoplasms

Organizational Chart


Steering Committee

Chairman Manel Puig Domingo Director IGTP
Deputy Chairman José Luis Mate Sanz Anatomical Pathology HUGTP
Member Maria Pilar Armengol Barnils Genomics Unit IGTP
Member Pendent Clinical Pharmacology HUGTP
Member M Cruz Pastor Ferrer Clinical Analysis HUGTP
Member Edurne Pedrosa Berrio Biobank IGTP-HUGTP
Invited Observer Eugeni Aragall Cànovas Cryobiology IGTP
Invited Observer Laia Pérez Roca Biobank IGTP-HUGTP, BT

Scientific Advisory Board

Chairman Josep Oriol Estrada Cuxart Coordinator of Transverse Processes and Territorial Alliances, Metropolitan Nord
Deputy Chairman Jose Luis Mate Sanz Anatomical Pathology, HUGTP
Member Carles Martinez Barenys Thoracic Surgery, HUGTP
Member Mª Cruz Pastor Ferrer Clinical Analysis, HUGTP
Member Jorge Abad Capa Pneumonology Department
Member Vicente Lorenzo-Zúñiga García Digestive Medicine and Colonoscopy Department, HUGTP
Member Mª Teresa Moran Bueno Catalan Institute of Oncology

 External Ethics Committee

The activities of the Biobank ar all governed by the Research Ethics Committee of the Hospital