Biobank Services

Apart from offering sample for biomedical research, the Biobank is a technical scientific facility providing services relating to the collection, manipulation, processing and storage of biological samples and others relating to consultation, management and methodology for samples including legal matters.

  • Organization of currently existing collections of samples
  • Requests for samples
  • Management of requests for sample deposits
  • Coordination between different institutions and national and international biobanks to harmonize procedures and recruitment of samples
  • Storage of samples under different conditions and in different conseration formats: Room temperature, +4ºC, -20ºC, -80ºC and -196ºC
  • Processing samples
  • Processing samples:
    • Nucleic acid extraction (DNA and RNA) from various types of samples:
      • Whole blood
      • Saliva
      • Tissues (frozen or paraffin)
      • Cell cultureso
      • Other biological fluids (eg. Amniotic fluid, cerebrospinal fluid, urine etc.)
    • Quality analysis (RNA and DNA)
    • Collection and obtention of serum, plasma or cells from whole blood
    • Collection and obtention of urine, stool, breast milk and cord blood
    • Separation and conservation of mononuclear cells from whole blood
    • Processing of solid samples:
      • Direct freezing of tissue
      • Freezing at Optimal Cutting Temperature (OCT)
      • Fixing in paraffin
      • Cryopreservation of tissue
      • Production of tissue matrices (TMAs)
      • Section cutting with cryostat, paraffin sections and preparation of slides for posterior staining
    • Analysis of  traceability using short tandem repeats (STRs) for blood, DNA, cell lines and saliva samples