You can request the following services from the IGTP-HUGTP Biobank:

Requesting samples

Release of samples and associated data to the scientific community

The requesting scientist has to complete the form (formulario de solicitud de muestres) with details of the project, a list of specific objectives and relevance of the project within the financed lines of research.  You must attach the Technical Report of the project for which the samples will be used and the certificate from the ethical committee of the institution where the project will take place.

Download the PDF with more information on requestng samples here (document in Spanish)

Request for Deposits

A request can be made to deposit samples in the biobank; this can be done for several reasons including: recruitment of samples with quality guarantees, collaborations with other researchers, the benefits of strict adherence to legal and safety regulations or simply to store samples that you will not use.

There are several ways to deposit samples in the biobanc, always with the informe consent from the patient:

  • Surplus from a research project
  • Surplus from diagnostics
  • Recruitment of samples using Biobank circuit
  • Deposits of pre-existing collections or historical collections

To initiate deposits or sample recruitment please contact the Central Node of the Biobank first at biobanc(ELIMINAR)

The procedure for the deposit of samples or collections of samples (or small biobanks) has three stages:

  1. Request form
  2. Processing
  3. Resolution of request

The objective is to guarantee that the samples meet all quality controls and meet all legal requirements

Download the PDF with more information on deposits here (document in Spanish)