The objective of the Biobank is to promote biomedical research by obtaining, storing and providing samples of tissue, fluids and/or their derived biological products in optimal conditions and within the legal framework currently in force.We can define the following specific objectives:

  • Obtain and maintain samples of scientific interest (from healthy donors, rare diseases, common pathologies)
  • Facilitate access to samples and data for scientists, while guaranteeing the meeting of scientific and ethical requirements
  • Provide technical support services to research groups and hospital services that require them
  • Promote the integration and harmonization of sample collecting
  • Actively help the creation of collections in the area of healthcare, especially if they can have a future use for research, protecting the rights and maintaining healthcare priorities of the donor
  • Guarantee the rights of donors, such as protecting dignity, identity and treatment of personal data
  • Train and educate about research and the legal requirements of handling research samples in the research and hospital environments