Complicacions Mèdiques de l’Abús de Drogues

Robert Muga Bustamente

This is a clinical research group focussed on the complications that arise from alcohol and drug abuse, particularly opiates and cocaine.   The group is financed by public agencies and Themes networked funding by the Ministry of Health (RETICS-ISCIII), in this case the Addictive Disorders Network (RTA).

Líneas de investigación

Medical Complications associated with alcohol abuse

To characterize comorbidity of patients requesting treatment for disorders due to alcohol abuse: Alcoholic hepatopathology, immunological alterations, malnutrition, cardiovascular risk, neurological risk and HIV infection, amongst other pathologies being studied.

Monitoring HIV and hepatitis B and C virus in patients with disorders due to alcohol or drug abuse

To establish diagnostics, clinical evaluation and access to treatment of viral infection in users of alcohol and drugs. To analyse the risk of developing diseases such as cancer, AIDS or liver cirrhosis and also risk of death due to infections.

Mortality associated with disorders due to alcohol and drug abuse

To describe the long-term evolution of patients who abuse drugs and alcohol and detail the causes of death in function of comorbidity when they seek treatment.

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Prof. Robert Muga Bustamente, Specialist Physician in Internal Medicine

(+34) 93 4651200 ext. 3582