Maresme Area Oncology Research

Pilar Lianes

The Maresme Area Oncology Research group is part of the Consorci Sanitari del Maresme based in the Maresme area.  They work extensively with patients in primary care centres as well as coordinating with other researchers on the Can Ruti Campus.

Most clinical research that is done today is to develop new drugs. For a new drug to be approved by regulatory agencies for marketing and use in patients, it has to demonstrate its efficacy and safety in clinical trials in order to verify its therapeutic action in humans compared to the best currently available treatment for a given disease.

Two characteristics of cancer explain the importance of clinical research in oncology: the high mortality rate and the low overall survival rate. Thus, clinical trials in oncology are important for two reasons: Firstly,they provide easier access to new experimental therapies for patients who have progressed through all the treatments available in the market. Secondly, they contribute not only to advancing in the search for more efficient and less toxic therapies but they also help to deepen scientific understanding of the disease.

Research lines

Clinical Trials

Currently the Clinical Oncology Service has trials in progress for several diseases: lung, breast, colorectal, renal and prostate cancers and testicular seminoma.  Most of these are phase III trials funded by pharmaceutical laboratories to test the efficacy and toxicity of new molecules, however we also have translational observational, post-authorization studies and various cooperating groups.

In-House Research

At the moment two members of the team; Dr Velasco and Dr Querol are carrying out research to complete their doctoral theses in breast cancer and colorectal cancer respectively.

More information


Pilar Lianes, MD, PhD, Chief of the Medical Oncology Service

(+34) 93 741 77 00, ext. 2743