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The Germans Trias i Pujol Research Institute (IGTP) is a public biomedical research centre, it was set up in 1995 to manage research activities at the Germans Trias Hospital (HGT) on the Can Ruti Campus. The IGTP is part of CERCA, the network of research centres of the Government of Catalonia. IGTP is recognized as a centre of research excellence by the Spanish state funding body the Instituto de Salud Carlos III (ISCIII). The director reports to the board of trustees, which includes representatives from the Government of Catalonia, the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona, the hospital and other research centres from the campus. The mission of the IGTP is to carry out excellent multi-disciplinary research that will have a direct impact on people's health and quality of life.

The IGTP has a close relationship with the Germans Trias Teaching Hospital. The hospital has 500 beds and is the reference centre for 800,000 people in the Northern Metropolitan Area of Barcelona. It employed 7,554 professionals and managed 32,304 hospital admissions in 2017. Many of the 45 IGTP research groups are mixed, with laboratories in the IGTP and medical staff in the hospital. As an accredited centre, the IGTP is the umbrella organization that manages the ISCIII projects and it has established affiliation agreements with researchers in centres on the campus such as: IrsiCaixa AIDs Research Institute; the Catalan Institute of Oncology (ICO); the Josep Carreras Research Institute and the Centre for Epidemiological Studies of Sexually Transmitted Disease and AIDS in Catalonia. Including all these professionals, there are over 700 researchers affiliated to the IGTP.

The director of the IGTP reports to the Board of Trustees and is supported by a managing director and administrative team, a scientific director and internal and external scientific advisory boards. The director is responsible for strategic planning, institutional relations, management and reporting of the research activities, core facilities and strategic projects of the institute. The research structure includes the 45 IGTP research groups and the first transversal research programme; the Programme for Predictive and Personalized Medicine of Cancer. Core facilities include the technological platforms required for genomics, proteomics, cytometry and high performance computing etc. on the campus and the new Centre for Comparative Medicine and Bioimaging (CMCiB). The CMCiB is a powerful new facility for preclinical research that includes innovative technology for imaging and surgery; it is actively involved in driving innovation through agreements with leading private technology and training companies. The GCAT Genomes for Life is a long-term prospective study of genomics, lifestyle and medical history of a large cohort housed at the IGTP. Most of these activities take place in 3 dedicated research buildings located on the campus in the Serra Marina Natural Park.

Since it joined the CERCA research network in 2013, the IGTP has undergone a major reorganization of management and support structures. It has reinforced its core facilities and has built and opened the CMCiB for international preclinical research. The Innovation and technology transfer unit, International projects office and in-house legal support service have been established and reinforced and 5 new spin-off companies have been set up. The institute has increased the quantity and impact of its publications and patent applications. The Amics de Can Ruti (Friends of Can Ruti) have been set up to channel and increase donations to the institute and foster outreach activities. The IGTP requires strong leadership to steer it through the next phase of its development as a powerful international research community. It is part of the bio-cluster in Barcelona, but also in a unique position and with a special relationship with the town of Badalona


IGTP is seeking applicants with a:

  • PhD and / or MD degrees and a recognized background in clinical research.

  • Distinguished record of scientific excellence in one of the main research areas of the Institute.

  • Experience in research management and proven innovative thinking suitable for leading a dynamic organization.

  • Experience in managing international research projects. Knowledge of the international research programs (H2020, NIH, etc)

  • Knowledge of strategic planning, resource allocation and human resource management.

  • Knowledge of the Spanish and European scientific environment.

  • Ability to develop and execute innovation and technology transfer projects in the field of biomedicine in the frame of Responsible Research and Innovation (RRI).

  • Positive  evaluation  in   programs  of  professional  research excellence   (ICREA, etc) will be considered an added value

  • The IGTP is an equal opportunities employer and female candidates are encouraged to send their application


The Director will have the following duties:

  • Provision of the vision and strategic goals for IGTP and monitoring of their implementation.

  • Submission of the programme of research activities and annual operational budget for the Institute to the Board of Trustees.

  • Presentation of the director's report at meetings of the Board of Trustees.

  • Representation of the Institute at official and social events, in coordination with the president and other members of the Board of Trustees.

  • Participation in the periodic CERCA / IIS evaluations of the IGTP.

  • Supervision of the implementation of financial aspects of the budget with the support of a Managing Director for administrative issues.

  • Any other functions approved by the Board of Trustees.


  • Salary will be commensurate with experience.

  • The appointment will be for a period of 4 years, which could be extended for another 4-year period, in agreement with the Board of Trustees of the IGTP.



Applicants should send a CV and a cover letter by e‐mail to the Director of I‐CERCA, at applications(ELIMINAR)


Suitable candidates will be identified in a ranked list by three - five members of the SAB, drawing upon the input of any other expert that the SAB might require. The Board of Trustees will be responsible for the final steps of the selection process and CERCA is delegated to manage all steps in this selection process. The Board of Trustees may create an ad hoc Commission involving some of its members and a member of the SAB in order to provide a short list of the pre-selected candidates. Candidates included in the short list may be invited to visit IGTP and meet the ad hoc Commission for a final interview. The results of these interviews will be presented to the Board of Trustees. This will appoint the new Director


  • 25 June Call for applications opens with deadline.

  • 10 September Application deadline ends.

  • The appointment will be announced at the end of the process.


The Germans Trias i Pujol Research Institute (IGTP) is seeking applicants with a distinguished record of scientific excellence and the innovative thinking necessary to lead a dynamic organization. Applicants must have a PhD or comparable degree in Biomedical Sciences. He/She should have experience in managing international research projects. Salary will be commensurate with experience. Knowledge of the European Research programs, the   Spanish and Catalan Scientific system will be considered an added value, as well as professional experience in an inter‐institutional environment.   Applicants should send a CV and a cover letter by e‐mail to the Director of CERCA, at: applications(ELIMINAR)