6th International Conference on Plasmodium Vivax Research

President Scientific Committee: Hernando A del Portillo

Date: From to

Venue: Manaus (Brazil)

According to the World Health Organization, in the context of the recently endorsed Global Technical Strategy for malaria 2016-2030, which sets the ambitious target of eliminating malaria, P. vivax presents a major challenge. In 2013, it was responsible for an estimated 16 million cases globally and nearly half of cases outside Africa. Therefore, malaria eradication requires tackling all parasite species that causes human infection. In Manaus in 2017 we will review the most recent advances in our knowledge of this parasite and debate the major bottlenecks in P. vivax malaria elimination.


  • Marcus VG De Lacerda, MD, PhD
    Scientific Director FMT-HVD, Manaus, Brazil
    Meeting Organizer                                          
  • Hernando A Del Portillo, PhD
    ICREA Professor at ISGlobal/IGTP, Barcelona, Spain
    President Scientific Committee

Confirmed Speakers

  • Nicholas White (UK/Thailand)
  • Dennis Kyle (USA),
  • Sebastian Mikolajczak (USA)
  • Wai-Hong Tham (Australia
  • Peter Zimmerman (USA)
  • Elizabeth Winzeler (USA)
  • Mark Styczynski (USA)
  • Michael White (England)
  • Ric Price (UK/Australia)
  • Joe Vinetz (USA)
  • Rhoel Dinglasan (USA)
  • Kevin Kobylinski (Thailand
  • Christopher King (USA)
  • Arturo Reyes Sandoval (England
  • Ingrid Felger (Switzerland)
  • Kevin Baird (Indonesia)
  • Lucio Luzzatto (Tanzania)
  • Brice Campo (Switzerland)
  • Scott Miller (USA)
  • Pedro L. Alonso (Switzerland)

For More Information:

Email:  icpvr2017(ELIMINAR)
Phone: + 55 92 99114-7655.