Protein targeted therapeutics: merging chemistry and synthetic biology to develop next generation drugs

Benjamí Oller

Assistant Professor. Department of Bioengineering - GEMAT IQS School of Engineering - Ramon Llull University

Host: Eva Martínez-Cáceres, Julia Garcia Prado

Date and time: | 15.00

Venue: Sala Polivalent, IGTP Mar

The varied structure and rich chemistry of proteins makes them highly versatile molecules enabling every biological process. In this presentation, I will illustrate how state-of-the-art chemical, synthetic and molecular biology tools allow us to harness these biomolecules to generate potent and selective drugs. First, a new strategy for the generation of site-specifically modified antibody-drug conjugates targeting breast cancer cells will be introduced. Second, the development of blood-brain barrier shuttle peptides for the delivery of compounds, including IgGs, into the brain will be explained. Finally, I will present our current work on the development of targeting ligands for gene delivery to brain tumours.