Date and time: i | 16.00-17.15

Venue: online

First session Stable Research Lines

20 January 2021 16.00 - 17.15


Enric Carcereny and Anna Martínez-Cardús

Cancer biomarkers: factors of prognostic and prediction to standard therapies

16:10-16:15 - Central Nervous System translational oncology
Carme Balañá, MD PhD

16:15-16-20 - Tailored oncology in Breast Cancer
Mireia Margelí, MD PhD

16:20-16:25 - Precision oncology in Urologic Tumors
Albert Font, MD PhD
16:25-16:30 - A few quick questions

Novel pancancer therapies: Immunotherapy and PARP inhibitors

16:30-16:35 - Immunotherapy or targeted therapy in BRAF-mutated melanoma: selection of the best therapeutic option and "ex vivo" prospective validation
José Luis Manzano, MD

16:35- 16:40 - iPARPResist: Identification of biomarkers of resistance to PARP inhibitors in ovarian cancer and development of ex vivo models for testing new therapeutic approaches
Margarita Romeo, MD PhD

16:40-16:45 - A few quick questions

Alternative strategies in research of cancer management

16:45- 16:50 - Innapropiate use of opioids in lung cancer patients
Teresa Moran, MD PhD

16:50-16:55 - Implementation of a comprehensive translational research platform in the framework of early clinical trials: the INSPECTA" project
Cinta Hierro, MD PhD

16:55-17:00 - Impact of optimizing nutritional status on the morbidity of radical gastric cancer treatment through an Intensified Dietetic
Cristina Bugés, MD

Ricard Mesia


Second session; Mixed research program

3 February 2021 16:00-17:15                                           

Lung cancer - Juan Rodés Program (PI: Ricard Mesía, MD PhD)

Chair: Enric Carcereny, MD

16:00-16:10 - Immunolung: identification of lung cancer biomarkers
Maria Saigí, MD PhD
16:10-16:15 – a few quick questions

CNS - Rio Hortega Program 2019 (PI: Eva Martinez Balibrea, PhD)
Chair: Carme Balañá, MD PhD

16:15-16:25 - Validation of prognostic biomarkers in glioblastoma
Marta Domènech, MD
16:25-16:30 - A few quick questions

Breast Cancer - Rio Hortega Program 2020 (PI: Ester Ballana, PhD)
Chair: Mireia Margelí, MD PhD
16:30-16:40 - Overcoming resistance mechanisms to CDK4/6i in luminal breast cancer (RESIST)
Eudald Felip, MD
16:40-16:45 - A few quick questions

Urologic Tumors - Rio Hortega Program 2020 (PI: Mireia Jordà, PhD)
Chair: Albert Font, MD PhD

16:45- 16:55 - Metabolism and cancer: kalikreins in prostate cancer outcome
Juan Carlos Pardo, MD
16:55-17:00 - A few quick questions


This session is for members of the B·ARGO group and its partners. For more information please contact

Anna Martinez Cardús, PhD
Scientific coordinator
Medical Oncology Service; ICO - IGTP
PMPPC (IGTP) Programm
email: amartinezc(ELIMINAR)@igtp.cat

Telf. (+34) 93 033 05 40
Ext. interna IGTP: 6302