Can Ruti Campus Innovation Training Programme Session 4

Date and time: | 16.00-19.00

Venue: Sala Polivalent, IGTP Mar

Session four of eight. See the outline of the whole course here.

The sessions will be in Spanish and Catalan

Session 4 - Models for innovation management in Can Ruti campus

4.00 - 4.05

Opening: Dr Daniel Moreno           

4.05 - 4.35
Keynote Talk: Classical vs Open Innovation: shifting the paradigm

Dr Josep Lluis Falcó (CEO, GENESIS Biomed)        

4.35 - 5.05
Developing business and building opportunities
Dr Maria Clara Leal Nascimento, Executive VP Business Development at trifermed               

5.05 - 5.20  Break                   

5.20 - 6.05
Talk & Workshop: Red Ocean vs Blue Ocean: navigating uncharted waters
Dr Daniel Moreno           

6.05 - 6.50
Talk & Workshop: Building a Great Business Plan
Jaume Ruiz        

6.50 - 6.55  Closure Jaume Ruiz        

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