Photonics Seminar

Speakers from the Secpho Cluster

Host: Innovació IGTP-HGT

Date and time: | 15.00-18.00

Venue: Sala d'Actes, Hospital Germans Trias

This seminar will be in Spanish

Optics & Photonics is used for both enabling research and new discoveries in all industries and applications as well as for facilitating new discoveries in the photonics itself. Everybody got to know or at least saw a microscope already since childhood and school.

Nowadays, most advanced microscopes can show structures and things of interest in nano- and even ato- scale. Moreover, various non-invasive processes can be observed without harming any living organisms, which makes photonics so attractive in science world. Besides microscopy, numerous other photonics techniques are everyday helpers in research labs as well: starting from different types of laser for checking light-matter interaction and different processes in the sample to advanced lighting and sensors for detecting different chemicals and materials. Light is the most universal tool for investigating and discovering new things in science!  (Source Secpho website)

Health professionals and researchers from the Can Ruti Campus are invited to come to this seminar organized by the Germans Trias i Pujol Hospital and Resarch Institute to meet four professionals from Barcelona companies working on innovation in photonics.

Please confirm by send a mail to innovacio.mn.ics(ELIMINAR)@gencat.cat