Microwave Spectrometry: A new non-invasive and non-ionizing method for coronary stent monitoring

Oriol Iborra

Post-doctoral researcher, MyoCare Laboratory ICREC

Date and time: | 10.00-11.00

Venue: On-line


Stents are the most implanted device in the world, and in 30% of the cases can become obstructed or damaged. Unfortunately, stents require very expensive and invasive techniques to assess if they are working properly. We have developed a microwave-based monitoring device to follow these processes and enable early treatments to prevent negative outcomes.

Mini Biography Oriol Iborra

Biologist, BSc (molecular, cellular and systems biology), Geneticist, MSc (Human genetics and genomics) and PhD (cardiovascular research).

Oriol Iborra is a member of the board of the the Catalan Society of Biology (Institut d'Estudis Catalans, IEC). He is a data analyst professional with 9 years of progressive experience across a broad range of R&D activities within the public healthcare industry. He has experience of project management, business development, basic-to-translational enterprises and back-end data interpretation and believes in positioning projects and products for success.

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