Take your scientific presentation to the next visual levels

Sarah Hurtago-Bagès

Invesgtigator, Chromatin Metabolism and Cell Fate

Host: Can Ruti PhD Students

Date and time: | 15.00

Venue: Seminar Room, IGTP Muntanya

Making a good presentation is not always easy, especially when you are in a hurry, overbooked and you don't have external feedback. Hence, we will discuss why improving your slide composition matters and how you can benefit from it with minimal effort. You will learn, or "be reminded", of a few rules and tips to improve your slides, particularly at the visual level. More specifically we will see the importance of the structure, the colours, the fonts, the sizes and the distribution of the objects composing your slides.

A brief introduction to Inkscape, a free and simple tool to draw and design figures, will make you forget about Microsoft PowerPoint drawings... well in theory.  We will do small visual exercises that will help you highlight the parts that are really important in your presentation. Spoiler alert : improving your slide composition will not make you the best scientist, speaker, etc... however it will definitely help to be a better one.